Kevin Durant couldn't take it anymore. He needed to provide his two cents in the debate over whether Devin Booker was right to complain about getting a double-team during a summer pickup game.

Durant is clearly in Booker's corner, and he had the time today to address everyone's counter-arguments. Oh, you think the clip we saw was just Booker's defender needing help given the match-up?

Did you think Book's double-team was just an occasional occurrence?

You think the opposing team was working on their defensive rotations?

Durant's stance is simple. Either try locking down Booker defensively on your own, or step off the court and come back another day.  

If we would’ve did that shit at Rico Hines run I would’ve went back to Malibu.

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) August 21, 2019

Durant's defense of Booker comes after the Phoenix Suns star guard had to explain why he had an issue with the double-team to Gilbert Arenas who argued that Book should "accept" and "demand" a double-team while also "be offended" when he doesn't get double-teamed in a pickup game. 

Durant isn't the only highly talented player currently in the league who stood up for Booker. Trae Young believes there "should be NO Double Teaming" in pickup since it's a time where you're "trying to work on your game, and work on the moves."