With the NFL season right around the corner, people around the country are scrambling to get their potential rosters together for their fantasy football leagues. This includes professional athletes themselves.

During Tuesday's episode of Get Up, Jalen Rose revealed he used to participate in a high-risk, star-studded fantasy football league with Kevin Durant

"When you're in a league for seven years now, people come and go," Rose said when asked who participates in his fantasy league. "Initially KD was in our league, he got upset and he left the league." Although this is an easy setup for another "KD's emotional" joke, in Durant's defense, he wasn't the only sore loser.

"LeBron was teammates with Randy [Moss]," Rose continued. "They came in last two years ago. LeBron left, Randy stayed. Draymond Green is still in the league. Maverick Carter's in the league as well."

Yet, there's a reason all of these popular sports names play in Jalen's league. After being coaxed by the cast, Rose disclosed his league's buy-in. "It costs $10,000 to play in this league. ... So, this is a real serious thing." Rose said before telling them his team's name. 

"My team's name is the JRLA Jaguars," Rose said, honoring his Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, a charter high school he started in his native Detroit. While this is a sentimental ode, there's no denying his team's former name is more entertaining. "My old name was the 'Black Vince Lombardi.'"