The Oklahoma City Thunder are ready to rip it up and start again. After shipping off Paul George to play with Kawhi Leonard in Los Angele, effectively admitting that they aren't hoping to contend for a title, the team has expressed interest in offloading their biggest star in Russell Westbrook. Now, ESPN's Brian Windhorst reports that the Houston Rockets are eyeing Westbrook for a potential deal that would have him playing alongside Western Conference finalists James Harden and Chris Paul in Houston. 

Windhorst didn't seem optimistic about the Rockets' chances, noting that it would have to be a three-team deal and that those sort of trades are extremely hard to pull off. Their chances are apparently lowered by Russ' own desires. Westbrook reportedly wants to play for the Miami Heat. Were Westbrook to join the Heat, he would play alongside Jimmy Butler and instantly rocket Miami into contention. This offseason has been incredibly active, with players shifting the fortunes of a huge swath of teams via deals that would have been the lone big move in prior years. 

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have changed the fate of the Los Angeles Clippers, while Anthony Davis and Boogie Cousins beefed up the roster of their crosstown rivals. Across the country, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are looking to launch the Nets into contention. Philadelphia is opting for an all big-man lineup that will at least test out some key concepts if not vie for the Eastern Conference crown. In short, next year is going to be wild and Westbrook to the Heat or Rockets would only make it wilder.


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