Odell Beckham Jr. is taking his talents to YouTube. 

The Cleveland Browns superstar announced that he's partnered with Wheelhouse Entertainment and award-winning digital company Portal A to create a new content company called ITN Productions. Beckham's ITN Productions will provide original unscripted programming for TV, streaming, and digital platforms. It all kicks off with OBJ's own YouTube channel which launched on Tuesday.

In the channel's first video, Odell addresses hisfans directly, and lets them know what they can expect from his channel. 

"I think when people here Odell Beckham Jr., OBJ, or whatever you want to call me, there's this certain perception or persona," Odell says in the video. "It's true I like to have a good time. Celebrate. But, that's only part of the story. The real Odell, he works... I really worked my entire life to get here. I deserve this. Come join along. See what it's like. Watch the work get put in. Watch the good times. Watch everything."

Upcoming episodes will answer shed light on OBJ the person and athlete. The wide receiver will show how he's adjusting to his new life in Cleveland, he'll document his infamous pre-game routines and weekly cleats, and review football gear.

"It’s amazing to launch my very own YouTube channel and give fans a behind the scenes look into my life," Beckham said in a statement. "This collaboration between Wheelhouse Entertainment and Portal A will expand my digital presence and engagement with fans around the world."

Beckham's new venture appears to be his way of controlling his own narrative while capitalizing on the image and brand he's created. Since "The Catch," OBJ has become a household name. What he's wearing, who he's hanging out with, and even his workout routines are a topic of conversation in the world of football and beyond. But, with love comes hate. Odell's sideline antics and off-field activities have often been criticized. Giants insiders reportedly called him a locker room "cancer" and "pain in the ass" after trading him to Cleveland, but Odell was quick to remind them that his brand is what kept the struggling team afloat. 

"This is me being honest: This team has not been good for the last six years. Period," Beckham said in his recent GQ cover story. "I felt disrespected, because I felt like I was a main reason at keeping that brand alive. They were getting prime-time games, still, as a 5-and-11 team. Why? Because people want to see the show. You want to see me play. That's just real rap. I'm not sitting here like, 'It's because of me.' But let's just be real."

Watch the introductory episode to OBJ's new YouTube channel above.