Monday started with an abnormally large amount of people debating Madden ratings and will end with (perhaps the same) people doing something similar for NBA 2K20. We say that because Monday evening saw the reveal of a portion of new ratings for 2K20's stars, and also saw them in their new uniforms. Yes, you could just trade them to their new teams on 2K19 but, uh, this is more official.

Here, check out Anthony Davis:

Or, check out Jimmy Butler:

Here's Westbrook:

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant:

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard:

Or check out the superstar duo ratings in a league with some actual parity:

As for where other stars rank, LeBron is still set to be the highest rated player.

As pointed out by the game's official Twitter feed, James has got the same overall as Kawhi Leonard, but he still gets the slight edge:

As for the reigning MVP, he came in slightly below both so feel free to debate or just click an emoji thumbs up/thumbs down on this tweet:

As for the top 10, it's not a super surprising list. But perhaps you'd order them a little differently?:

2K also let everyone know how they'd order the top five rookies:

As well as their order for top three-point shooters:

And if you're sick of scrolling through each top player one at a time, just check out this list:

Or watch the reveal:

NBA 2K20 comes out on September 6.

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