Everyone is waiting on what Kawhi Leonard is going to do next following his outstanding performance at the NBA Finals. Rumors have circulated that the small forward could go anywhere from the Los Angeles Clippers to the New York Knicks, but there's also a possibility that he could stay put. Toronto Mayor John Tory and Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia want to make sure Leonard has all the space he needs while he makes his decision.

"To all the fans all over Canada... Let him enjoy his privacy right now with his family," Nav said in a press conference announcing the launch of the new website Kawhi, U Should Stay. "Just leave him alone. Let him enjoy the city. We want him to stay."

As photos and videos of Leonard walking around Toronto have continued to surface, both Nav and Tory believe that Raptors fans should stop pressuring him. "We are not giving him the space which he deserves to have."

The website, which encourages fans to leave pleasant messages of support for Kawhi Leonard, has been described by Tory as a "polite petition."

"This represents a way in which we can be passionate about getting Kawhi Leonard to stay in Toronto but to do it in the Toronto way," he added.

Sign the petition to keep Leonard with the Raptors here, if you're so inclined.