A former coach at Independence Community College, the setting for the hit Netflix docuseries Last Chance U, has been charged with illegally impersonating a lawyer to stifle negative coverage of himself. 

According to the Parsons Sun, Jason Brown stole the identity of a lawyer from the late Johnnie Cochran's law firm in an attempt to intimidate a local paper away from writing unflattering stories of his time at ICC. Brown, who has since resigned from ICC over questions of mistreating players, allegedly sent cease-and-desist emails to the Montgomery County Chronicle and the Independence Daily Reporter from a Yahoo! account with a similar address to the Cochran Law Firm.  

The letters followed a negative editorial about Brown and a story revealing that the coach texted a German player on his team, saying "I am your new Hitler." The emails were traced back to IP addresses for devices that belong to Brown. As a result, he's facing eight felony counts from the Montgomery County Attorney's Office. 

Though Brown appears to be in a fair bit of legal trouble, he will still appear on the upcoming fourth season of Last Chance U. The season airs on July 19 and will follow Brown's team at ICC. According to the Sun, the new season will cover the story around Brown's resignation.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, several players featured on the series have gone on to sign with NFL teams. Dakota Allen was drafted with a late-round pick by the Los Angeles Rams and Ronald Ollie signed with the Oakland Raiders.

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