NBA players are known for their pre-game routines and rituals. But before Houston faced Golden State on Monday, P.J. Tucker was caught on camera throwing his warm-up clothes on an equipment employee while trying to get his mind right for their big game 4.

This rubbed many viewers the wrong way as it seemed he was being disrespectful to the young staffer. Tucker later took time out of his day to respond to the critics and shed light on the clip.

After the popular House of Highlights Instagram account posted the video to their page, fans swarmed to the comment section and blasted Tucker for his behavior. Tucker says he wasn't singling the worker out to be rude. In fact, he said he's cool with the employee and the clip shows part of Tucker's pre-game ritual that got slightly derailed.

"First of all you people commenting are dumb af!!," Tucker responded under the post. "He's actually one of my favorites kids and i wrap my stuff around him and another kid EVERY SINGLE GAME!!!!! If they showed the entire video you'd see i was running late so it look worst than it was... the internet remains undefeated."

The Rockets end up winning the game against the Warriors. The final score was 112-108.