The NBA has risen to prominence as America’s No. 2 sports league (some would argue even a legitimate challenger to the NFL) largely because of the players’ engaging personalities. Sure, watching Steph Curry rain 3-pointers and Giannis Antetokounmpo Euro step all the way from half court to the rim is amazing—but fans seem to take just as much pleasure from seeing Draymond Green or Joel Embiid clown their rivals on Twitter or in the press.

Many of the NBA players in this generation are flat-out funny. They’re guys with world-class talent on the hardwood and outsize personalities to match. And we’re grateful for that, because this crop of entertainers gives websites like Complex never-ending fodder to dissect and disseminate. The savagery—both on and off the court—is so constant nowadays that it’s difficult to narrow down the very best of the best. But we’ve taken a stab at it. Here are the 10 pettiest moments of the 2018-19 NBA season (so far—expect plenty more in the playoffs).

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