ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that general manager Dell Demps will no longer be working the Pelicans after Anthony Davis trade talks ended with him staying in New Orleans.

The Los Angeles Lakers were ready to take Davis on board, but they later pulled out of trade negotiations due to "outrageous" trade requests. The ongoing drama surrounding Davis was undoubtedly a contributing factor to Demps' departure.

Wojnarowski also revealed that the ownership was particularly upset with Davis leaving the arena after suffering a shoulder injury during Thursday night's game against the Thunder. Pelicans owner Gayle Benson reportedly wants a complete overhaul of her team.

Reactions to Demps' departure has ranged from jokes celebrating the news to people defending the decisions he made and placing the blame for the Pelicans' troubles on ownership.

Despite his shoulder injury, sources close to Davis explain that he plans to play in Sunday's All-Star Game.