Since making the transition from player to analysis, Paul Pierce has become the living embodiment of the term "hot take." This was evident on Sunday when the former NBA superstar made a bold prediction about the Bucks/Boston matchup after just one game into the series.

Despite having the arguable NBA MVP, the Milwaukee Bucks collapsed under the weight of a lower-seed Celtics team. Boston easily stole Game 1 of the series beating the Bucks by a score of 112-90. That blowout victory led Paul Pierce to proclaim that series is already "over."

"As a team, I don't know where Milwaukee goes from here," Pierce said when trying to decipher the team's loss. "I think the series is over."

The fevering hate Pierce has collected as a player and commentator led fans to use his blunt assessment as fuel to further attack their favorite heel.

While many have accused the ex-Celtic of favoritism when delivering his take, Pierce backs up his polarizing opinion with an optical description of the game.

"When I watched this today, if Giannis doesn't have a monster game and someone else behind him doesn't set up Boston is just going to out-talent them," Pierce continued. 

Pierce's evaluation of Game 1 mirrors the contest's box score. Forcing Giannis and the Bucks to beat them from outside of the paint, Boston limited the Greek Freak to just 33 percent from the field. This pressed the Bucks' role players to produce proving that as a whole the team is less effective than Boston. Yet, although there could be some truth to Pierce's statement, as proven in the past it's way more fun to hate Paul Pierce than to love him. 

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