Kevin Durant let his emotions get the best of him during Game 1 against the Los Angeles Clippers when he and Patrick Beverley were ejected after receiving two double technicals within a 19-second span in the 4th quarter.

On Monday, Durant issued an apology for his ejection, recognizing that the expectation for him is to be out on the court, instead of having his night cut short over his actions.

"I don't want to disappoint my coaches, my fanbase and owners who expect me to be out on the floor," Durant said, per The Mercury News. "I apologize for getting thrown out of the game."

As the two chirped at one another prior to receiving their first double technicals, Durant appeared to welcome the trash talk. They were eventually ejected by official Ed Malloy. "I guess he thought we were taking it too far," Durant said of Malloy. "I just thought it was one of those plays where I could show a little bit more emotion than I usually show." 

With at least three more games against Beverley and the Clippers on the slate, Durant already knows how he is going to act going forward. "Keep my mouth shut and play the game," he said. "Simple." 

"This is not about me or Patrick Beverley," Durant added. "This is about the Clippers and the Warriors."

It’s a wise decision for KD to do everything in his power to avoid another technical since he’s just five away from receiving a one-game suspension during the Warriors’ playoff run.