After scoring 24 points to help propel the Portland Trail Blazers to a 104-99 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 1 of their series, C.J. McCollum can finally prove to Jennifer that he can win a playoff game. If you recall, Jennifer was the woman who challenged McCollum on Twitter in 2018 after after he criticized him for not being able to win a playoff game. During his post-game press conference, McCollum was asked if he had any words for Jennifer.

McCollum later hopped on Twitter where he admitted that he almost forgot about her before calling her a "legend." 

Jennifer launched herself into legendary status when she pressed McCollum in 2018, after he responded to an unearthed quote in which he criticized players who would join the Golden State Warriors to chase a ring.  

It was McCollum's honest, humble response that went viral.

Now that the drought is over, this Blazers' win is for you, Jennifer. 

Of course, Jennifer took all the credit for Portland's win. 

Sometimes Twitter can be good. 

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