Free agency in the NFL goes quickly, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly wasting no time doing what they were already expected to do. In what looks like the official end to the Blake Bortles era/experiment, the Jags are currently ironing out have ironed out a deal to pay quarterback and Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles $22 million annually:

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport confirmed the news shortly after it was rumored:

Because NFL contracts are often confusing, especially when it comes to money, it was reported that the deal could be worth up to $102 million, if Foles hits all his incentives, and that a shade over $50 million is guaranteed:

While $22 million seems like a lot for Foles, especially when considering he had no other known bidders, says that Jacksonville wanted to give the 30-year-old vet a "respectable starting quarterback contract" to cement him as the team's leader. The deal's average annual value ranks him as the 11th highest paid signal caller, behind Joe Flacco and above Russell Wilson.

The signing is set to become official when the new league year begins on Wednesday. When it becomes official the team will release Bortles, even though he had just been signed to a three-year extension in 2018.