Dee Ford, who Kansas City Chiefs fans know as a Pro Bowl linebacker, while more casual fans (oh, and also still Chiefs fans) know as the guy who jumped offsides to cost KC the AFC Title Game, is reportedly being dangled as trade bait by the 2020 Super Bowl favorites

While Ford was originally headed for free agency, the team slapped the often dreaded franchise tag on him, and are now looking to trade him on account of dropping a linebacker to go with a 4-3 defense. This wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, on account of Ford playing d-end in college. But, regardless, Adam Schefter has spoken:

Ford is set to turn 28 a few weeks from now and recorded a career-high 13 sacks last year. He was also second in the NFL in QB hurries and made his first Pro Bowl. Before this season he had just 17.5 sacks in four seasons, with a literal majority coming during a nine-game stretch in 2016. Still, before ending on a tough note, a corner was turned this season, and a pass rusher can do wonders when it comes to bringing a defense together (see: Bears, Chicago/Mack, Khalil).

"When we drafted Dee a few years ago, all those things that we envisioned for him, he kind of showed that he was that player," KC GM Brett Veach said before (now) somewhat ironically adding "we are excited about bringing him back."

If you're interested in an edge rusher, and also happen to be an NFL GM, KC's phone lines are open.