The Golden State Warriors are heated after a series of questionable calls led to a one-point loss to the Timberwolves

The unfortunate end capped a great game that included a 50-22 run from the Timberwolves to erase a 19-point Warriors lead. The game went to overtime, with Steph Curry closing a nine-point Timberwolves lead in the final minutes. 

Things got wonky with less than 10 seconds on the clock. That's when Kevin Durant sunk a 3-pointer in spite of an apparent foul. The referees ruled that the foul occurred before Durant's shot, wiping out the three and forcing the Warriors to reset and try again. Steph Curry did just that, sinking an incredible, long-distance fadeaway with less than a second left. He ran down the court pointing at the refs, taunting them as the game appeared to be going into double overtime.

You do have to wonder if a non-A-lister like Curry would be T'd up for the display, but either way, the refs found a way to make Curry pay for it. They called holding on Durant for getting a little too grabby while guarding Karl Anthony-Towns on the very next play. KAT made one free throw to steal the win.

The Warriors players and head coach Steve Kerr vented their frustrations post-game. Curry told reporters to talk to the game's MVP, referee Mark Kogut. 

Durant initially brushed off questions about the officiating for fear of being fined. But he couldn't quite keep his feelings under wraps. 

Kerr was much more candid, noting that he was "disappointed" by the calls and saying the initial foul call on Durant's three "mind-boggling."