A lot of changes could be happening with the New York Giants, as it has been reported that Eli Manning may be on his way out, with Russell Wilson coming to replace him. 

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd claimed that he is "hearing" rumors that Russell Wilson's love for Ciara has him eyeing the big apple as his next landing spot. 

"The rumor I'm going to tell you about, I heard this yesterday—this is happening in the entertainment world—everyone will deny it," Cowherd said. "Russell Wilson's wife is Ciara... she would prefer to live in New York. And the Giants need a quarterback. And there's nobody in the draft they love."

This comes after reports that the New York Giants are hoping to make major adjustments within the organization. Their star wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. had alluded to Manning's age as the team's the offense is stagnant. This puts them in the threat of losing OBJ to another team like the New England Patriots. In order to revive the franchise and soothe their star's ego, the Giants could be eyeing Seattle's franchise player.