This past October, Roman Reigns announced that he'd be taking a leave of absence to deal with his leukemia diagnosis. On Monday night, he entered the ring at RAW to announce that his cancer has gone into remission:

Reigns' announcement came shortly after the program hit the airwaves, and came after he walked around the ring greeting several fans within arms length. Several in the Atlanta crowd chanted "welcome back" as the ex-Universal Champ reached for a mic to address them.

“I’m probably going to say this a lot,” he began, “but thank you. I missed y’all.” Reigns then admitted he was scared to announce his diagnosis to the public as he was unsure of what the reaction would be. But when he did decide to do it he said he was sent many warm thoughts, blessings, and prayers. He then thanked the crowd again, as well as those watching at home.

In addition to announcing his updated health situation he did not give a timeline for his return but announced that he does intend to wrestle again at some point in the future.