The Washington Wizards just can't catch a break. According to ESPN, their star, John Wall, tore his Achilles after slipping and falling at his home, and will be out for 12 months.

The team released an official statement explaining that in early January, after Wall underwent season-ending surgery to repair a heel injury, the incision from his initial procedure became infected. When doctors were cleaning the wound, they discovered that Wall had ruptured his Achilles tendon after he slipped and fell in his home. The point guard now must undergo immediate surgery to repair the ruptured tendon. After a successful surgery, Wall will be barred from any basketball-related activities for close to 12-months while he rehabs the injury.

This is unfortunate news for Wall and the Wizards, both of whom have failed to live up to the expectations that arose when they drafted the five-time NBA All-Star. This puts the Wizards in a tough position. With Wall missing the rest of this season and most (if not all) of next, the team needs to pivot and find a way to move forward without their former centerpiece.