After almost 11 years with the Baltimore Ravens, former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco is being traded to the Denver Broncos. ESPN's Adam Schefter confirmed the news on Twitter, revealing that the trade cannot be processed until the new NFL league starts next month on Mar. 13. 

As Schefter wrote on ESPN, neither of the teams involved in the deal are able to comment on it or its terms just yet, but sources close to the deal explained that when its completed it will probably be for a mid-round pick. Due to Flacco's impending departure, the Ravens will be pushing quarterback Lamar Jackson further into the spotlight. The talks first started on Monday (Feb. 11), and concluded Wednesday with the deal. 

This is the first trade under Ravens' new manager Eric Decosta. He replaced Ozzie Newsome at the end of the last season.

On Tuesday (Feb. 12), Antonio Brown officially requested a trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers, so Flacco might not be the only big trade kicking off the new NFL league year.

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