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Floyd Mayweather has made a career off of controversy which is why it's no surprise he's willing to ruffle feathers and shop at Gucci despite the collective effort to boycott the company. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, TMZ Sports caught up with Mayweather right as the boxer was about to enter the Beverly Hills Gucci store. This led the publication to ask his thoughts on the brand's blackface scandal. Mayweather seemed to be unaware of the situation, but after being given a short synopsis of the situation he explained how this doesn't sway his decision to support with the company. 

"I'm not no follower, I do what the fuck I wanna do," Floyd said before laughing when being told that people like Spike Lee would not be happy with his purchases. 

"You said they're gonna be upset with me? I love it," he told the camera. 

Mayweather then went into detail about his thought process when it comes to supporting a brand that has been cited for its racist imagery. 

"You know when everybody else they say, 'Everybody gonna boycott?' I say guess what, this boy gonna get on a yacht and live life," Mayweather explained. "We all know racism still exists but that's not gonna stop my drive. I've got friends from all walks of life and to me of course, black lives matter first ... but my thing is this, I'm gonna continue to go out there live life and be happy."

Although he is not the entertainer many go to for socio-political awareness, Mayweather is the first to cross the picket lines and openly support Gucci after the company released a sweater that is a modern interpretation of blackface. 

Katy Perry's clothing brand has also come under fire amid blackface backlash, pulling her "Rue Face Slip-On Loafers" and the "Ora Face Block Heel Sandal" designs for racist imagery.