ESPN discovered in a recently obtained police incident report that Pittsburgh Steelers star wide receiver Antonio Brown allegedly pushed the mother of his daughter to the ground during a previously reported domestic dispute inside his Hollywood, Florida home. The incident occurred on January 17 when she dropped off their daughter at his residence, and demanded reimbursement for their child's hair appointment.

The report alleges that the woman positioned herself in a way that prevented the front door from getting closed on her. Brown told her that she needed to leave his residence, but their disagreement escalated when, according to the woman, AB used both hands to push her to the ground. The woman told authorities that she injured her wrist as a result of the fall, showing authorities "an abrasion with some scabbing" to support her claim.  

Authorities say the woman failed to complete a victim affidavit, and when asked about pursuing a battery charge against Brown, she became upset, asserting that she didn't want him to get arrested, and wanted to "cancel" her report. ESPN contacted the Hollywood Police Department records department where they were informed that the case is still under review.

"Unfortunately, the media alluded wrongdoing on the part of my client in a 'domestic dispute' when in fact no wrongdoing ever occurred on his part," Brown's attorney, Darren Heitner, said in a statement. "The complainant, who is the mother of Mr. Brown's child, acknowledged that she refused to leave Mr. Brown's property after being asked and further refused to leave the doorway of his personal residence. The complainant did not want to provide a statement or press charges, and asked to retract her report after it was made." 

The Steelers provided a statement of their own, acknowledging that they were aware of Brown's situation, and were "still in the process of gathering more information." The NFL is also confirmed to be looking into the incident. Heitner claims AB is seeking full custody of their daughter because of said domestic dispute.