Donald Trump welcomed the Clemson Tigers to the White House Monday following their College Football Playoff National Championship victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide last week. Clemson was greeted by the sight of a banquet of "great American food" consisting of burgers from McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's, among other fast food items. 

Early Monday morning, Trump revealed plans to serve his visitors the type of food that they could probably get on their own campus because it's "their favorite food."

The White House, however, revealed that Trump had to pay out of pocket for the food because most of the staff is on a furlough due to the government shutdown.  

What we're left with is the sad sight of Trump standing next to stacks of burgers from various fast food chains, and of course, people had to get their jokes off. 

Maybe tomorrow, you too can get yourself the type of meal fit for a White House visit.