Nick Young is once again making headlines, though unfortunately not for his on-court activities.

TMZ reported that the 33-year-old NBA champion has been named as a suspect in a robbery and assault that transpired Friday, Jan. 4. A fan recognized the veteran shooting guard by a popular Los Angeles car wash and asked for a quick picture. The fan in question told authorities Young wasn't up it, but chose to go against his wishes anyway, snapping a shot. This is when he says Swaggy P lost it, as the former Laker reportedly snatched the phone away, followed by executing a low-blow. As police are currently investigating, no arrests have been made yet.

This wouldn't be Young's first run-in with the law. Last August, he was arrested for obstruction of justice after failing to comply with police during a traffic stop (a video surfaced shortly after showing Young saying he wasn't resisting). In addition, he was sued in 2016 for allegedly attacking a man during a pickup game.

This latest incident adds to the list of Swaggy P's unfortunate happenings. After fulfilling his one-year deal on the Golden State Warriors for the 2017-18 season, he remained unsigned until he was picked up by the Denver Nuggets. After a mere 20 days, however, he was waived by the team. The Nuggets released a statement regarding the matter, thanking him "for coming to Denver such a short notice to give us some relief with our injury issues."