Nick Young was reportedly arrested after being pulled over for a traffic violation in Hollywood, according to TMZ.

The gossip site says law enforcement sources claimed Young wouldn't cooperate with the officers. The Hollywood police then ordered him to get out of his car before putting him up against a wall and arresting him for obstruction of justice. The Golden State Warriors' player car was reportedly sent to the impound. 

Young hasn't clearly addressed the arrest charges but he did release a series of tweets that may be related.

"They be like why you always smiling and I be like why Not...," read one tweet. "Try smiling when times are hard ... it’s works !!!" read the following tweet.

He also gave major props to "Hopeless Romantic," likely referencing the Wiz Khalifa and Swae Lee song since the video was released earlier this month. "Hopeless Romantic my sh** right now," read the tweet.

As TMZ notes, Young has had run-ins with the police before including a 2016 citation for playing loud music. Although he's an NBA champion after winning the 2018 NBA Finals with Warriors, he's no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year, the NBA champ declared "everybody needs to do cocaine" and egged on his ex, Iggy Azalea, after having a baby with his ex while the two were together a few years ago. Azalea found out about his cheating ways through his old teammate, D'Angelo Russell.