Kyrie Irving and LeBron James made a dominating pairing that many felt was separated way too early. This combined with the rumblings of a disgruntled giant shaking up the league has sources reporting that Irving wants to be included in the Anthony Davis trade talks in hopes of landing in Los Angeles. 

On Tuesday (Jan. 29), Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher disclosed that the Celtics have turned the fight for AD into a triple threat match as they have openly expressed their desires to acquire the big man. Yet instead of seeing this as an opportunity to pair up with one of the leagues most dominant players, Kyrie has reportedly saw this as a chance to be dealt away and possibly end up with LeBron. 

"A source close to the Celtics confirmed that Kyrie Irving is genuinely interested in reuniting with his former Cavaliers teammate," Bucher's article reads. "'That is for real,' the source said."

This could possibly give the C's an edge over New York as they have more "championship ready" qualities that AD is seeking. Also, if a 3-team trade involving the Lakers is involved, both the Pelicans and Boston could end up with a weapon from LA's young, talented core. Now, what might take Boston out of the equation is the "Rose Rule." 

Because both Davis and Irving would be acquired by trade, the "Rose Rule" takes the Celtics out of contention unless they trade the two players head-up without a third-party team involved. Adding this with the fact Davis is said to be waiting on Kevin Durant to give an inch on his decision combined with the Pelicans stating they aren't in a rush to trade AD gives the impression the center will not be moved before the Feb. 7 deadline. Meaning, the Lakers have the rest of the season to see if they can facilitate Davis, LeBron, and Irving.