Los Angeles Rams' Brandin Cooks understands that being in the NFL and playing in the Super Bowl puts him in a very privileged position. As a result, the wide receiver is looking to pass the blessings around by surprising a team employee with a chance to see the big game. 

News of Cooks' philanthropy came from teammate Robert Woods who shared the story with reporters after being asked how the acquisition of Cooks helped the locker room.

"I walked by and just happened to see that encounter," Woods said. "That’s the type of teammate he is, and a leader."

The "encounter" Woods reference was Cooks giving Rams' day porter Alfonso Garcia a trip to Atlanta so that he and his son could enjoy Super Bowl LIII. 

Because of the weight of his act, when it was his turn to take the stage reporters couldn't help but ask what led to this special moment. 

"Oh, man, Alfonso – the guy is special, man. He keeps our locker room in tip-top shape. He has such a special soul," Cooks explained. "Someone that I found myself drawn to once I got there and I see him around the facility all the time. I just felt like it would be special for him to see that he is a part of this success as well, and I wanted him to be able to be at the Super Bowl with his son to enjoy that."