Things escalated between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Oklahoma City Thunder Tuesday night (Jan. 8) after OKC center Nerlens Noel was carried out on stretcher after a nasty fall. After the injury, Wolves guard Jeff Teague got into an altercation with former teammate Dennis Schröder, resulting in the Teague's third-quarter ejection.

Andrew Wiggins post-game comments about the situation received backlash, with the forward being called out for using homophobic language about Schröder. Around the two-minute mark in the video above, Wiggins was asked about Schröder's behavior after Noel's injury. Wiggins seemingly responded by saying, "I don't know what's wrong with him. He was just gay."

Wiggins took to his Twitter to clear up the comments (and to send out prayers to Noel), saying that people misheard what he actually said.

Contextually speaking, Wiggins' explanation makes more sense, as the use of the word "gay" wouldn't make sense in the sentence. However, if the league determines that he was using homophobic language, he may face a penalty fine.

Members of the Timberwolves have been making headlines for their words, as Wiggins also recently caught heat for saying that Minnesota has good fans and "shitty fans." In addition, Derrick Rose recently apologized for telling naysayers to "kill themselves."