The Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots on an insane 69-yard lateral play as time expired. The Dolphins wild, desperate play ended the game at 34-33, keeping their playoff hopes alive.

The play began with a toss from QB Ryan Tannehill to Kenny Stills. Stills tossed it to DeVante Parker who passed it back to a nearby Kenyan Drake when he felt the defense closing. Drake appeared to be in nearly the same sort of trouble as Parker, with Patriots swarming. However, he found a seam and then turned on the jets to torch all the Patriots between himself and the goal line. 

The cherry on top? The Pats last line of defense was their player-cum-mascot Rob Gronkowski, who stumbled toward an attempted tackle right before Drake crossed the goal line.   

Just take a look at the crowd reaction shot from the end zone.

The incredible last-gasp play floored Dolphins legend Larry Csonka. 

The play was felt well outside of South Florida. 

And NFL fans can't resist a good reason to dogpile on the Patriots. 

According to ESPN, the play was the longest last-second. game-winning play since the advent of the Super Bowl. 

The Dolphins definitely knew what they had just pulled off.