Much is made of the fact professional athletes make millions of dollars playing what is basically a children's game. But less literature has been produced on how the business of professional sports affects the athletes involved. Never was this more apparent than when guard Matthew Dellavedova was informed via phone call by Bucks general manager John Horst he had been traded. Right after he heard the news, there was silence.

Delly explained the awkward moment in technological failures in a first-person piece he wrote for The Sporting News about the trade that sent him to Cleveland, as well as a video from his YouTube channel. But he didn't know that when we first heard the news.

"So, going back to Friday afternoon—I got the call from the GM and he let me know I’d been traded," Delly wrote. "But then the phone cut out before he could tell me where so I was trying to call him back to find out where I’d been traded."

As for what it's like to try and find a positive after you're traded from a team with the second best record in the East to the team with the second worst? Well, Dellavedova made an attempt at that.

"I’m really excited for this next chapter in Cleveland," he said. "I’ve got a lot of very special memories from my first time being there over the course of the three years I was there.

"I’m looking forward to eating some Lucky’s Café, Restore, Momocho and Gingko and very excited to pull on the wine and gold again. Number 8, 9 and 4 were all taken so I decided to go with number 18, so everyone can just chuck a one on there, next to the 8."

Oh and also keep in mind that first sentence of this write-up...the whole making millions of dollars to play a children's game thing.

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