LaVar Ball has been relatively mum since LeBron James joined the Lakers, and Lonzo Ball is probably thankful. But the brazen Ball patriarch wasn't able to keep LeBron's eldest son, LeBron James Jr. (Bronny), out of his mouth when TMZ caught up with him at LAX Airport.  

"I really don’t have a relationship with LeBron," LaVar said when asked about the Lakers star. "I like him. You know, he ain’t done nothing bad to me. I ain’t done nothing bad to him."

When asked if eighth grader Bronny, who LeBron recently admitted he'd like to share an NBA court with some day, could one day play in the NBA with his dad AND the three Ball sons, LaVar didn't hold back. 

"Hey, they could," LaVar said. "They could. LeBron’s son gotta bring his game though. Can’t just go on the name, gotta have some game."

Right, Bronny is the weak link, and not LiAngelo, who is a decade older and went undrafted after getting suspended from UCLA for shoplifting in China. As if high schooler LaMelo, who can't even face some top high schools and might not get a chance to play in college because of his father's machinations in the JBA and Lithuania, has a better chance at the Association than the progeny of the best basketball player, maybe ever. 

LaVar says a lot of dumb things to court controversy and inflate his ego. He's the Donald Trump of amateur hoops. But this is one of his most moronic sentiments, even if a Big Baller Brand pairing with LeBron and Bronny might single-handedly keep sports media companies afloat. Tremendous content isn't always a reality, even if that's basically how the current American political system works.