On Thursday, the Boston Celtics played against the Rockets in Houston. Before the game, Kyrie Irving had a particularly awesome interaction with a homeless fan. As TMZ reports, the Boston point guard bumped into someone on his way to the team bus, at which point he stopped and talked with the guy. Reaching into his pocket, Irving handed the fan $240 in cash.

So happy with the impromptu gift from Irving, the man started to run around shouting about how pleased he was, even going so far as to offer hugs to passers-by. He also chased Irving for a moment, before running back to the spot where it happened.

Watch the moment below:


When the Boston Celtics stumbled out of the gate this season, Kyrie Irving reportedly had a heated exchange with his head coach Brad Stevens during a November game against Dallas. According to the report, it led to something of a turnaround for the team's performance ever since.

Kyrie has already made it clear he's sticking with Boston for the foreseeable future, despite being a free agent over the summer. Irving and Stevens have built a solid foundation of trust together, part of why he's decided to stick around for the time being.

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