The big boy touchdown is one of the top three things that can happen in a football game, along with pick-sixes and Ben Roethlisberger looking sad. It's such a rare and lovely occurrence to see a lineman score that clips of William "Refrigerator" Perry crossing the plane over 30 years ago still see regular play to fill in time during Chicago Bears games. 

Chicago might finally be ready to update their highlights reels. For one, the Bears are legitimately good for the first time in a while. And for another, they have new defensive linemen scoring touchdowns. All 6'5", 332 pounds of defensive lineman Akiem Hicks plowed through the Giants defense for a score on Sunday and it was a joy to watch. 

While Hicks didn't quite leapfrog the New York Giants' defense, his giant frame coupled with the terrifying inertia of an sprinting defensive end took him over the Giants pileup on the goal line for the score. Though the 8-4 Bears fell to the New York Giants in an overtime loss, that can't fully wipe away the image of Hicks losing his mind alongside his teammates.  

Hicks is having a pretty great year on the side of the ball where he spends most of his time. As a part of Chicago's newly reinvigorated defense centered around the still incredible acquisition of Khalil Mack, Hicks has had 4 sacks and forced 3 fumbles in 2018.