Early Friday, Steph Curry was involved in a multi-vehicle car crash in Oakland, California. He emerged unscathed, and now TMZ Sports has video from the moment of impact. Watch above.

The Warriors star was driving along Highway 24 in Oakland early on Friday morning, when another car lost control in a skid and slammed into his Porsche. In the new footage taken from a car going in the opposite direction of the crash, you can see the car veer across at least three lanes and clip Steph's Porsche into the divider before spinning 360-degrees as it crashes into the same center divider.

Officials then said another car came along 10 minutes later and slammed into the back of Steph's standstill car. Despite the speed of the multi-car pileup, no one suffered any serious injuries. 

It had rained earlier in the day, and the police blamed the slick roads for the first driver losing control. It's incredibly fortunate that everyone is OK, including Steph, who is still recovering from a groin injury he suffered a couple of weeks ago. He's expected to return to action during his team's upcoming road trip.