Despite in-house turmoil and a few shaky games, the Golden State Warriors are still in contention for the 2019 NBA Championship. Having won the last three out of five matchups, the Warriors will be heading to Toronto on Thursday (Nov. 29) to face the Raptors, who currently hold the number one seed in the East.

As pointed out by SportsNet, Klay Thompson has acknowledged the threat the Raptors pose, as he recently told reporters that he believes the two teams may ultimately face off in June for the Finals.

"Right now they're the best, and I expect them to be there throughout the whole season," Thompson said of the Raptors, whose 17-4 record is the best in the league. "Obviously Kawhi [Leonard] is back and is playing at an MVP level. Kyle Lowry is a great leader as well as a bulldog out there. So it's going to be a great test for us. Who knows, it might be a preview of June."

Currently, the Warriors, who are without Demarcus Cousins and Stephen Curry, hold the number two seed in the West with a 15-7 record. Curry, who is expected to make his return to the court shortly, was recently involved in a car crash in Oakland, California, though he thankfully escaped the accident unharmed. Cousins, on the other hand, is expected to suit up sometime after Christmas.