Draymond Green on Talking About the Warriors’ Competition: ‘You Can Put My Name on It’

Draymond Green doesn't care if the rest of the NBA hears about who he considers a real challenger for the Warriors. They don't really have any.

Draymond Green

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Draymond Green

Perhaps no player in the NBA today subscribes more to an IDGAF ethos than Draymond Green.

The brash Warriors defensive ace likely exudes that confident persona because he's surrounded by the two greatest shooters in history and the greatest scorer ever to grace the hardwood. That's why the Warriors have played into June the last four seasons, capturing three titles in that span while a legitimate claim to best team ever status.

When Dray and the traveling carnival that is the Warriors were recently asked by The Athletic's Sam Amick about the competition they fear the most this season, he gave them a chance to answer anonymously. Dray wasn't having that. We'll let Amick contextualize Dray's insouciance.

This series of interviews began with Green on Oct. 16, when the Oklahoma City Thunder were in town for the regular season opener and the Warriors forward passed up my offer to talk about this topic anonymously. The ‘anonymous quote’ tool isn’t one that I will pull out often, and the original idea for this story was to take a nameless pulse among Warriors players as a way of shedding light on how they truly saw the other elite teams.

Curry had a more diplomatic approach, "We have appropriate fear for everybody," he said. But he still put his name on who he chose, like Green and the rest of the Dubs. "If we play the way we’re supposed to play," Curry continued, "all of our answers should be 'nobody.'"

For the record, Green chose Boston, but he doesn't discount the Rockets even if they've struggled to start the season following the loss of Luc Mbah a Moute and Trevor Ariza over the summer. Here's why Dray thinks Boston is their greatest threat right now:

I just think with the tools that they have, and the way the game is set up today, with small-ball and all that stuff, (center) Al Horford can switch onto guards. That would be their five in that lineup. And then obviously, you’ve got Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, Kyrie (Irving), Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris. They’ve got a lot of guys who fit right into that style of play, with the experience of playing with Kyrie, who isn’t backing down from anyone.

Check out Amick's article to see what Green's teammates said about the squads that have the Warriors wondering the most.

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