With LeBron James now on the Lakers, the East is officially up for grabs. The Boston Celtics have a shot at becoming the new team to beat for years to come, and if a new report is to be believed, that might involve Anthony Davis as well in the near future.

According to The Athletic, if given the option, Davis would love to play for either the Celtics or the Lakers. On top of that, he and Kryie Irving became good friends while competing for the USA in world play, and per a league source the discussion of what it would be like to play in Boston together has already taken place between the two of them. This news comes on the heels of Kyrie verbally committing to decline his $21.3 million player option for the 2019-2020 season, meaning if Davis wanted to join forces with his friend it could happen in Boston.

That said, fans shouldn’t start Photoshopping Celtics jerseys on Davis just yet. For this super team to come to fruition, Davis must first make it known to the Pelicans that he wants to be traded. By doing this he could potentially be walking away from a lot of money as the super-max option would be off the table. Also, the Celtics might have to part ways with core pieces and top draft picks in order to offer New Orleans a trade worth entertaining.