Former Buffalo Bills player Vontae Davis made the unprecedented decision to retire at halftime during last week's 31-20 loss to the San Diego Chargers. That led to plenty of jokes about the feeling of playing for a team as historically hapless as the Bills. However, the move seems to have lit a fire underneath the defense he used to play for, who just finished dominating the Vikings in a 27-6 win. Twitter noticed and they were absolutely ruthless about it. 

Of course, this is the basic joke that had to be made: 

And others had a bit more fun with the idea of Davis coming back: 

We all know he knows how to make an exit, but Twitter had a lot of fun with the idea of him making an entrance:

Sometimes it's best to just try and sneak in and hope no one notices: 

Even the pros had to get in on the ribbing: 

Other fans were content to imagine Davis watching at home: 



And one person had to do Davis dirty and share some cold, hard facts: 


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