After years spent in locker rooms and on the court, Shaquille O'Neal has enjoyed an outspoken retirement alongside Inside the NBA crewmates Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley. So he knows a thing or two about talking smack. Someone should have told literal man-child Dwight Howard.

It all started with Shaq's IG post showing Dwight getting served on Wild'n Out:

Dwight, because he's as impulsive as an adolescent, hopped in the comments to challenge the Big Aristotle to a diss battle like the one Shaq was laughing about.  Dwight'  probably used to it by now, but Shaq came back with the ubiquitous rings taunt and even pivoted to include his frequent foil on Inside the NBA:

These two have sparred since before Dwight was an MVP candidate, and Shaq always seems to get the upper hand. It's been a long time since anyone referred to Dwight as Superman, and his buddy-buddy demeanor really has gotten grating. (Just ask his former Hawks teammates). Howard should ignore this nonsense and focus on not pissing off yet another set of teammates with the Wizards. Or, he could work on free throws and the proper use of prophylactics. Really, there's a host of things Dwight can work on, and coming up with corny jokes about Shaq isn't one of them. But of course, he couldn't just let the "lil man" thing slide.