Shaq Still Doesn't Like Dwight Howard Calling Himself Superman

Even in retirement, your man is still throwing shots.

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Ohhhh...So, you thought Shaq was just gonna sail off into the sunset and stop taking shots at fellow basketball players now that he's hung his size 23 sneakers up for good? Think again, suckers! The original Superman—and by "original," we mean the guy who stole the Superman name first—is once again calling Dwight Howard out for trying to use his nickname.

"My thing is, if you want to call yourself me (Superman), then you've got big shoes to fill," Shaq told the New Orleans Times-Picayune recently. "I'm not in the Superman this, and Superman that. He won a dunk contest with a cape. If you want to be called Superman because of that, it's fine with me. I'm Superman for other reasons. I don't envy him; he's a great young player. But I've never seen him dog another center out. I tried to dog centers out. I went at David Robinson. If Dwight doesn't win two or three championships, I'm going to be disappointed. He doesn't have nobody. When I came in the league, I had to go through Alonzo Mourning, Arvydas Sabonis, Kevin Duckworth, Rik Smits. Now I can't name any other centers besides Kendrick Perkins and Andrew Bynum. Who else is there? That's it."

Hmmm...Sounds like you're upset about more than just the nickname, son. Why you mad? [via The Basketball Jones]

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