Rumors regarding Jimmy Butler have been swirling for most of September now, but Bleacher Report notes that Butler's camp is looking to shut down any rumors stating he's hoping to get traded by the Minnesota Timberwolves. A source close to those working with Butler told Joe Cowley of Chicago Sun-Times the rumors are completely "manufactured."

On Wednesday, it was reported that Butler had requested a trade after meeting with coach Tom Thibodeau in Los Angeles. Apparently, Thibodeau had been reluctant to deal Butler as the start of the season approaches, but he had since changed his mind.

Three teams were allegedly landing spots where he'd agree to sign a contract extension: the Knicks, Nets, and Clippers. As Chicago Sun-Times reports, the rumors started circulating because Butler was supposedly unhappy with the money Minnesota was offering him as a player.

The sources claim that none of this is true, however, saying that "ownership mouthpieces" manufactured the controversy to make Butler look bad ahead of the upcoming season. It remains to be seen what Butler will be doing regarding this news, although it does seem from the little we've heard directly from him that he's eager to move.