Odell Beckham may have taken the high road this past week in refraining from talking trash to Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey prior to their highly anticipated Week 1 matchup. But that doesn't mean Giants fans followed that lead. We guess it's good they could find a silver lining in their rooting interests' 20-15 loss...or maybe they're just OBJ Fantasy owners? Who the hell even knows anymore.

Regardless, after the game (in which Beckham posted 11 catches for 111 yards), Ramsey took to Twitter to mass address these people by implying their analysis may have lacked nuance, which might be referring to zone coverages or other DBs being lined up on Beckham or something. It's kind of tough to tell if you didn't follow Ramsey's assignment on every single snap.

Whether or not you regard Beckham's stat-line as a personal victory for him (in contrast with the Jags' actual victory) that didn't stop meatballs from busting Ramsey's nads in his mentions:

Anyway, according to Sports Illustrated, "Ramsey marked Beckham on 31 passing plays Sunday and surrendered six catches for 87 yards," with 24 of them coming on an uncalled pick play in the first quarter. But, as anybody who's ever trolled Jerry Rice by mentioning stickum can attest to, it's sometimes hard to resist the allure of chirping at a world class athlete for the sole purpose of being kind of a dick. Also it appears obvious that this is something Jalen can expect for his whole career, especially after that QB-by-QB call-out he tossed out there last month. If this is your thing then you should consider giving him a follow.