Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Jalen Ramsey caused a stir in sports media Wednesday after GQ published comments from Ramsey calling out several prominent NFL quarterbacks. Ramsey roasted Bills rookie Josh Allen, the Giants' Eli Manning, Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger, and Baltimore's Joe Flacco.

The former Florida State corner was fearless in chastising his opponents. Now, however, he's facing backlash. For example: ESPN's Michael Wilbon, one of the most respected pundits in the game, ripped Ramsey Wednesday during Pardon the Interruption. Wilbon questioned "if a third-year player as unaccomplished as Jalen Ramsey has any business going after other players like this so publicly."

His guest co-host Frank Isola responded that exceptional cornerbacks often feel they can only draw attention to themselves by running their mouths.

"He ain't Deion [Sanders], and he ain't Richard Sherman," Wilbon said. "It's like every year somebody is pronounced a great player at that position, and two years later they're being cut. ... Jalen Ramsey has done nothing. One-time All-Pro doesn't make you jack. He hasn't been in the Super Bowl, he's done nothing. He's not Deion! Deion played two sports when he was a young guy, first, second year player…he can't be mentioned in the same paragraph as Deion."

Sanders was an All-Pro eight times. Wilbon challenged Ramsey to back up his talk on the field. "You better back this up, Mr. Ramsey," Wilbon added. "You better, this year, you better lead that Jaguars defense again or you put yourself up for some real public scrutiny."

Ramsey has six interceptions in his career, including four last season.