Add yet more evidence that Nike knew what they were doing when they made a seemingly polarizing figure like Colin Kaepernick the face of their ubiquitous tagline, "Just Do It," on its 30th anniversary. 

Late last month, Kaepernick filed a clothing trademark for the slogan "I'm with Kap," so you knew the gear was coming. Like most of the merch Kaepernick has produced as part of his off-field activism, all the proceeds from the "I'm with Kap" jersey campaign go to his Know Your Rights Camp. Here's what the jersey looks like:

Except, the limited edition jersey instantly sold out, confirming the popularity of the former QB, despite purported league-wide collusion to keep him out of the NFL, and denigrations from large swathes of America (most famously, by the president).

The #ImWithKap t-shirts are sold out on his site, too. This is a letdown if you were hoping to cop the jersey, but you can still show people you're sufficiently woke by getting some other #ImWithKap gear. Or, you can simply donate to a good cause.