Colin Kaepernick will soon be able to collect coin for the viral phrase “I’m With Kap,” used by supporters of him and his protest.

Shirts with the slogan can already be found all over the internet, including on Amazon, but according to TMZ, the quarterback officially filed a trademark on the slogan to use for a potential clothing line. Shirts supporting Kaepernick's protest of police brutality have been sported by everyone from G-Eazy to players for the Dolphins.

TMZ also teases that moves to work with Adidas and Puma could be in the former 49er's future. 

Kaepernick previously teased releasing “official” merch in an Instagram post of Hot 97 host Nessa wearing a jersey with “I’m With Kap” embroidered on it. He also applied to register "Kaepernicking" in 2013.

It’s good to see Kap making money moves after he’s essentially been blackballed by the NFL, and without a new team after leaving the 49ers in 2016.  In the meantime, the NFL continues to find ways to constrict free speech that has nearly nothing to do with disrespecting the anthem, and everything to do with protesting the murder of black and brown people by police.

It’s likely Kaepernick will use a good portion of whatever money he makes from merchandise on his charity work, including his contributions to Camp Taylor and his own Know Your Rights program. With his NFL career increasingly looking like it might be over, he's continued his nonprofit work, donating more than $1 million so far.

Kaepernick and former teammate Eric Reid, who joined the QB in protesting and also hasn't been signed, are currently suing the league for collusion.