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On Monday, Nike revealed that Colin Kaepernick was the face of their new Just Do It campaign. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original Just Do It, Nike's announcement was met with a mix of praise and controversy. Donald Trump might not be a fan of the campaign, but L.A. Lakers guard LeBron James and tennis superstar Serena Williams certainly are.

LeBron posted the ad himself on his Instagram, tagging Kaepernick. While receiving an award for his style and philanthropy from Harlem's Fashion Row, he also added, "I stand with Nike, all day, every day," reports ESPN.

Serena Williams, meanwhile, showed her support by tweeting, "Especially proud to be a part of the Nike family today."

As Reuters points out, she commented on the campaign following her match with Karolina Pliskova, explaining, "He's done a lot for the African American community, and it's cost him a lot. It's sad. Having a huge company back him...could be a controversial for this company, but they're not afraid. I feel like that was a really powerful statement to a lot of other companies."

Williams has made it clear how much of a fan she is of Kaepernick before, saying that free agent or not, he could lead a team to the Super Bowl if given the chance. "He'd have so much to prove," she said. "I Would. I can't imagine he would be any different."

Some people have been threatening to boycott and protest Nike since Kaepernick was revealed as the face of the campaign, with some idiots going so far as to destroy products they already paid for. Trump, meanwhile, told The Daily Caller "there's no reason" for Nike to use Kaepernick. He also said it sends a "terrible message," as USA Today points out.