Kevin Love is the last one of the Cleveland Cavaliers' Big Three still playing in Cleveland. After the team traded Kyrie Irving last summer, LeBron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers this summer. Love recently re-signed with Cleveland for four years, so he should stay in a Cavs uniform for a long time.

That's welcome news for Cleveland fans, as Love is one of the league's most consistent outside shooters and best rebounders.

During this past season, Love opened up about his struggles with panic attacks, which helped spur a conversation across the NBA about the importance of discussing mental health. Other players, like Kelly Oubre Jr., have also opened up about their struggles.

After the All-Star forward shared his story with the Players' Tribune, his most prominent teammate approached him to offer encouragement.

"It was a special moment for me because we [Love and James] sat towards the end of the bus," Love shares in a new interview with Carson Daly. "He kind of said, 'hey, do you have a moment,' he stopped me...shook my hand, looked me in my eye and said, 'You helped a lot of people today. It's important.' That was super powerful for me because not only is he the best athlete in the world, the best basketball player in the world but his influence and having my back with that was super important to me."

LeBron also shared his support for Love on Twitter.

The full interview between Daly and Love is slated to air Monday on The TODAY Show.

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