Tuesday, news of an altercation between Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green and Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson set the internet ablaze. The report, which came from Bossip, indicated the run-in occurred at a post-ESPYs party at a Los Angeles nightclub earlier this month. According to the report, Thompson hit Green with a "two-piece" of punches before LeBron James and Kevin Durant stepped in to break it up. The fight reportedly ended with Thompson "getting the better" of Green.

Twitter users were understandably skeptical of this story, considering how long it took for it to leak and the fact that nobody has shared photo or video evidence of such a fight.

Let me get this straight. I'm supposed to believe that in 2018, it not only took 2 weeks for a "story"about Draymond and Tristan getting in a fight at a club to come out, but I'm also supposed to believe LeBron & KD broke it up and not one single person filmed anything. OK.

— Jimmy Traina (@JimmyTraina) July 31, 2018

It seems this really did happen, but there are discrepancies about just how far it escalated.

The Athletic's Marcus Thompson—who's about as plugged into Warriors happenings as any reporter on the planet—has added more detail to the story. Per Thompson, the kerfuffle never turned into a "full altercation."

"Again, the two separated before a full altercation could ensue," Marcus Thompson writes. "Several NBA stars, among them LeBron and Kevin Durant, intervened. They were reminded this wasn't that type of party."

Interestingly, it seems both Thompson and Green stuck around the party. "After a conflict resolution session among NBA millionaires, temperatures settled," Marcus Thompson adds. "The party continued with Green and Thompson co-existing without issue, laughing and partying the rest of the night."

This version of the story is a bit more believable, but we're expecting more details will continue to emerge in the coming weeks.

Cavs fans, for what it's worth, are loving this narrative. They've planned a parade to celebrate Thompson allegedly punching Green.