The lawsuit filed by Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown against the city of Milwaukee and its police department took a strange turn when city attorney Grant Langley asserted Friday that the officers involved with Brown's arrest did nothing wrong. "The injuries and damages sustained by the plaintiff, if any, were caused in whole or in part by their own acts or omissions," the court filing reads, per The Associated Press. The city attorney’s response was admittedly surprising for Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett who called it "counterproductive."

The Bucks issued a statement of their own, expressing their “full support” in Brown.

Brown filed the lawsuit through his lawyer Mark Thomsen, accusing authorities of "discriminating against Mr. Brown on the basis of his race" while using their incident report to portray him as someone who resisted them during his arrest in late January.

In May, the arrest video of Brown was released and showed a scene contradictory to the one provided by police in their report. Brown was described as being "combative" when the officers were writing his police ticket. However, the video shows authorities inexplicably using a taser on him. Brown's lawyer Mark Thomsen said in a press conference after the suit was filed that his client wants the city to "actually admit to the wrongs, admit that his constitutional rights were violated." It appears they refuse to go down without a fight.