When LeBron James decided to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this month, Kobe Bryant says he told The King, "Anything you need on my end, I got you. Whatever the case may be, I am here for you.'" Anything? Anything, you say?

When TMZ Sports caught up with Matt Barnes and asked him about people hoping to see Kobe come out of retirement to join LeBron and the Lakers, his initial response was that it would "be dope." While it remains incredibly unlikely that Bryant would return to play alongside James, let's keep things in perspective. This is where Black Mamba stans may want to exit out of this page. 

Kobe's time away from the game coupled with being 39 years old isn't a good combination for a guy trying to get back the magic he once had for one final season. 

The only time you will probably see Kobe and LeBron playing together for the Lakers is when you mess around with the rosters on NBA 2K